The Importance of PPE for outdoor workers in transport industry

PPE is a comprehensive protective protective gear designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent.  This protective measure helps to protect the health of workers engaged in fighting the battle against the deadly coronavirus which is posing one of the biggest threats to the outdoor worker working in the transport industry. It is imperative for them to wear PPE kits for their personal protection and safety in light of the corona pandemic, which has besieged the entire world with health challenges.  Wearing PPE Kits for people working in varied industries, particularly transport and logistic industry is necessary iin order to combat the hazards of this virus and infection.

The transport sector continues to effectively combat new daily challenges of keeping the supply chain moving during the global coronavirus pandemic. Outdoor workers such as drivers are putting their life and health  constantly at risk  as they move trucks  loaded with medical equipments, groceries, food and other essential commodities. 

 PPE kits essential for Truck drivers and outdoor workers in the transport industry 

The widespread impact of the menacing COVID-19 has already put a dent in the Online transport industry.  Drivers, loaders and helpers working on cargo terminals, warehouses are being constantly exposed to coronavirus which can trigger drastic health issues. Lot of fear, panic and uncertainty of the terrifying pandemic situation prevails in the transport industry. PPE Kits offer full protection for those who are at risk of exposure to this infectious and deadly malaise.  Crippling effects of coronavirus will linger in the mind for some time even after it’s over. Truck and bus drivers should always make sure they follow the PPE requirements in the workplace and make sure their PPE is properly fitted, clean and worn properly.

 PPE Kits consist of;
  • Isolation gown 
  • Googles 
  • Face shields 
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Safety footwear such as rubber boots
  • Head cover

PPE Kits protect transport workers in  the current high risk environment 

 PPE can be hugely crucial and beneficial to outdoor workers especially in Online Truck Booking transport industry in order to protect them from extremely challenging pandemic spread and  health hazards.Ensuring that the drivers and helpers moving in the trucks wear the correct PPE is hugely important in order to protect from any potential illnesses or injuries so  that they can keep working,  and moving. It helps the transport companies to keep their workforce;

  • Protected 
  • Comfortable
  • Productive
  • Safe

 Shortage of PPE kits  

 PPE kit shortages are currently posing a tremendous challenge since drivers, loaders and other people working in the Mumbai transport industry require PPE Kits. Currently, a new collective of thousands of garment manufacturers are reorganizing their business model and repurposing their  skill to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for  workers and drivers who are the frontline warriors  in fight against  COVID 19.  In the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak, manufacturers and suppliers have been working overtime to increase production in response to unprecedented demand for PPE kits.

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