Everything You Wanted to Know About Custom Cloisonné Pins

Cloisonné pins are mostly made of copper and bronze which adds the shine on the pins. In fact to ensure its durability, the pins are heated in a high temperature to make sure the colors don’t ruin the pin’s outlook. And if you want to add more layers of colors on the pin, the manufacturer allowed it to fire for another time to ensure its quality. Hence, these pins have garnered immense popularity and attention for its durable finish. 

You can be assured that the colors of these pins will never be mixed up with each other even though you prefer to use different layers of colors. Each and every layer is separated by either a silver line or a gold line to present the colors in a prominent way. Mainly for the business promotional even or brand recognition event, the custom cloisonne pins are used. 

There are multiple advantages you can wield by using a cloisonné pin on your business promotion. Let’s take a look at the benefits first, 
  • Premium-quality Finish- The main reason of these pin’s popularity is due to the premium quality finish. Due to its quality finish look, the value of your business increases in an indirect yet effective way. 
  • Enhanced Perceived Value- Everything that catches our eyes has the enhanced value for us. We consider them as price-worthy and reliable. Having this durable glossy finish, cloisonné pins have enhanced perceived value. So, it’s useful for your business promotion. 
  • Choice of Colors- There is no limitation in choosing the perfect color while designing your custom cloisonné pins. You can choose any color and any multiple layers for creating a design of your own. The ranges of metal available for designing are gold, copper, silver, and nickel. You can choose any material that suits your brand. 
  • Choices of Customization- Most of the manufacturers offer you the feature of customization where you can change the shape and design of the pin as per your choice. You can integrate you brand’s logo or business slogan in order to wield the utmost benefit of these pins. 

Since the manufacturing process of these cloisonné pins are time-consuming, you should inform your manufacturer at the earliest to ensure timely delivery. All the pins are first die-struck to ensure the durability. You can choose to imprint your own design on the material. However the blueprint of the design should be sent to the manufacturer at the initial stage of consultation. The experts can verify the usability of the design and improve it a bit to wield the maximum advantage. The colors of these pins are hand-filled before popping them on the fire. This efficient process of coloring the cloisonné pins to ensure its longevity. 

If you want your business logo to stand out in a promotional event, then there is no better option than a custom cloisonné pin. Since you can customize them as per your preference, there will be enough opportunities to outstand your competitors without much of a hassle. 

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