4 Useful Tips to Follow for Designing A Statement Challenge Coin

Challenge coin is an item that is presented or passed on to individuals or a group of individuals to honor, identify or pay respect. Even though this tradition was popular in the US Military force back in the days, the custom has been adopted in several other departments and fields in recent times.

Challenge coins are supposed to be unique from one and another. Also, they must be meaningful and hold a value of their own. This is why, the designing of a challenge coin requires extreme effort and creativity.

So, if you want to make a statement with your challenge coin then make sure to adopt the following tips while designing. Continue to read till the end to find out crucial things about making a statement challenge coin.

1. A story to tell

A crucial element that you must keep in mind while designing a challenge coin is that it must tell a story. The story must be relevant to the squad or department for which they are made or the person to whom it would be given.

Design your coin keeping this story in your mind. This will help you to make a coin that is valuable, unique and relevant to the squad or person. Don’t think of complicated ways to narrate this story.

Make it brief and short as you don’t want to make a mess of a design with complex storytelling. Open up your creative minds to establish a story in your challenge coin design.

2. Design initiation with an illustration or image

Once you are ready with the story, it’s time to move forward to take the next step of designing. This is basically to put an image or illustration on the face of the coin.

Almost every challenge has a center illustration or image over it. It is essentially done to establish a focal point. Keeping this focal point a prime element the other things are added such as text or a date.
A huge number of clients opt for an image of a flag or a symbol of their squad. You can also get creative and put in your personal choice of image.

However, make sure that the size of the image you choose is perfect. As an image too small or too large could hinder the entire design and look of the coin.

Always get help from an expert coin manufacturer or designer for deciding upon the size of the image.

3. Brief text is the right way to go

Now that your image is decided, it is time to progress toward the text that must be put on the coin. Text is as important as the image of the coin. Hence, it is significant to pay good attention while deciding upon a text.

A thing that you must remember when thinking about a text is that it must be crisp and short. A long text will only make the coin chaotic.

You can choose an important date, name, etc. to put a text on the coin.

4. Don’t forget about the back of a coin

While the face of the coin is where you put all essential design elements, one mustn’t forget about the back of the coin. What most people do is that they completely forget about a challenge coin’s back.

This will make the coin look kind of out of place. Your coin may even look like an unfinished piece. So, in order to design a statement challenge coin, make sure to pay attention to the back of the coin as well.

You can choose a single word or a small logo that identifies with your squad or the person to whom it would be presented.


Make sure to keep the above listed tips in mind while designing a statement challenge coin. After all, challenge coins are meant to be unique and make a statement of its own.

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