How-to Guide: Increase WiFi Speed in Laptop Windows 10

Is the slow speed of internet annoying you? Are you experiencing slow WiFi speed while streaming videos or surfing on the internet? Have you ever registered a complaint of slow internet speed after updating the OS (operating system) to Windows 10?

Slow WiFi connection in PC or laptop is the most frustrating thing in today's modern technology era. This hampers the work a lot. So, in order to increase the productivity, everybody wanna boost up the WiFi speed in laptop Windows 10.

If you are also facing the slow speed of internet connection, then worry not. Mentioned below are some tips and tricks that you can implement to fix the issue. Let's get started!

Turn Off Background Applications

This is an important thing to consider to increase the WiFi speed in laptop Windows 10. Many users forget about the applications that are running in background. Such applications might ruin the bandwidth and leads to slow WiFi speed. If you wanna increase the WiFi speed, follow the steps below.

1. Open the settings panel on your PC.
2. Click on the option of privacy.
3. Then, select background applications and turn off the applications that are running in background.

Now, access web address to see if the internet is working fine or not.

Change The DNS Settings

Below are some of the changes that you might want to make in the DNS (Domain Name System) settings.

To use Google DNS, type:


To use or open DNS, enter:


Clear Cache And Temporary Files From Laptop Windows 10

1. Open the settings.
2. Go to system.
3. Navigate to storage and then click on “how to change how we free up space”.
4. Click on “clean all the temporary files”.
5. Shut down your laptop windows 10.
6. Wait for a few minutes and turn it back on again.

Thus, this way you will be able to improve WiFi speed in laptop windows 10 without any ado. To verify, login to router or your modem.

Turn Off Automatic Windows Update

Disabling the Windows update service is not recommendable. It is a good thing to keep your computer system up-to-date. But, if you are extremely annoyed with the slow and sluggish internet connection, then you can try to disable the service. There is nothing to worry about. This service can turn back on again any time.

Disable WiFi In Network Sharing Center

1. Open the network and sharing center.
2. Navigate to the menu (left-hand side) and change the adapter settings.
3. Right-click on WiFi or Ethernet (router's or modem's WiFi network you are using).
4. Disable the network.
5. Power cycle your home network.
Log into router or modem to see if the issue of slow internet connection has been fixed or not.

Install the Netgear Nighthawk Application

If you are not using the Netgear Nighthawk app, then you are required to install it. This app makes it easy to setup Netgear router and get more out of your WiFi.

Reconnect Your Router

If you are using a WiFi connection, then you have to do is to disconnect your main router from a power source. Wait for a couple of minutes and then connect it back again.

Use an Ethernet connection and now connect your router to the modem. This might help you to improve WiFi speed in laptop windows 10. also, make sure to update the latest version of firmware on your router.

Access the router login page and if it loads without any hassle, it means the issue has been fixed successfully. And,if the issue still persists, reset your router once. To do so, you simply have to insert a sharp and pointed object into the reset hole of your router. Hold it gently and release it.

If you have any questions related to the post, feel free to ask by using the comment box.
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