How to Add Sparkle and Magic of Tulle to Your Wedding Dress?

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Every bride wants to shine and look glamorous on her big day. A wedding dress serves the purpose of adding a personal touch and elevating the look. Injecting elements of sparkle with a tulle fabric on a beautiful dress could be a great way to look chic and gorgeous. This post will present ways to add sparkle and shine to create a show-stopping wedding dress.

Whether vintage style or over-the-top, wedding dress must allow the bride to stand out from the crowd and spread all the shine on the floors. Every bride wants to look glam when she walks down the aisle and nothing can do it better than a tulle fabric and some glitters. So if you’re the kind of bride who loves a royal touch and isn’t afraid to wear something different, why don’t you opt for a bold sequined look?

We’ve rounded up various ways that you can use to add sparkle and elegance to create a custom wedding dress. Here you go!

1. Add Cheerful Color

Adding a pop of color to your bridal dress with a bit of sparkle will definitely make you look stunning. All you need to get some black glitter tulle, traditional soft white fabric, blush or champagne tulle fabric. This is the best way to add shimmer to your wedding dress effortlessly.

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2. Add Extra Layers for More Volume

If you are planning to create a bohemian look with a fun element of sparkle, try adding some layers of glitter tulle bolt to give depth and volume to your dress. A sparkly fabric may look over-the-top, but when it is paired with some lace detailing, it balanced out the whole character and charm. 

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3. Add Fancy Detailing

Select a shimmering fabric to add beautiful details to your wedding gown. Use a sequined fabric in different areas like border, veil, or anything you’d like to make all the heads turn. Using a sparkling tulle fabric and cheap organza fabric together on the top part of your dress is another way to complete your whole look. 

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4. Go for Beads and Sequined Design

You can look fabulous on your wedding day by adding some beading and sequined design to your dress. Consider using a sequined tulle fabric for layering and on a bodice to cut down the cost of hand-beading. This idea will not only make you look graceful but also give you a tag of one of the prettiest brides.

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Don’t just limit your sparkly and sequined dress goals to the dress; use it on the accessories as well. Think for a gleaming veil, cape, waist belt, or a beautiful jacket. Wear one on your wedding day and you will sure to surprise and impress everyone.

Just remember to keep your hair and makeup simple to avoid looking over-done. A loose low bun with subtle makeup will also draw more attention to your sparkly gown.You can easily design a sophisticated and voluminous gown for your wedding using a shinier tulle fabric.

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