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You can become a junior programmer if you have ambition and orientation towards this specialization. If you know a bit of math it doesn't hurt but you don't have to calculate integrals, derivatives and other wonders.

You are a junior programmer if you know how to install a WordPress script, module or theme you know how to create modules or theme for different CMS using a quality standard and you are able to repair critical errors.

What languages ​​should I master as a junior programmer?

  • PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5.1+
  • Javascript
  • CSS, CSS3
  • jQuery
  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other CMS.
  • Symfony, CodeIgniter or other frameworks

The idea is that you need to know the basics of the ones listed above. It sounds like a lot, but you have to be optimistic. On the search engines you can find all the necessary information, tutorials, questions and answers for all the scripting and programming languages Read more Latest Govt jobs for Programmer (software engineer).

What is the order to learn web programming? 

These priorities are subjective and I write from experience:
HTML. It is the fundamental element in the field of web programming. You can't handle it unless you know most of the HTML elements / tags. The good news is that you can learn their labels very easily.

PHP.  Using PHP language you can process, process an INPUT and then an OUTPUT will come out, usually HTML. Also with PHP you can connect to one or more databases and you can implement everything you require.

MySQL . Most websites use the MySQL database. Of course there are many other databases with advantages and disadvantages, but it is enough if you know how to perform basic queries in MySQL.

JavaScript. Nowadays there are quite a few JavaScript programmers. You must know the basics of JavaScript and use external libraries. Usually everything you want to implement for yourself or someone else already exists.

CSS . Without CSS the sites do not look at all. Using styles you can format / color and change the way a site looks.

jQuery . I think it's the most used JavaScript framework, I'm not sure, but it's very used anyway. jQuery simplifies our lives and we don't need to write much Javascript code anymore.

CMS / Framework. It is recommended that you have experience with a CMS or a Framework. The big advantage is that much functionality are ready made, you just have to apply them, and at CMS you have a functional site after installation.

Where can I learn web Programming Alone? 

I recommend the tutorials on w3schools for starters:

  • CSS -
  • HTML -
  • JavaScript -
  • PHP -
  • MySQL -
  • jQuery -

Where can I test my knowledge and Find Career?

There are several tests on both w3schools and other sites. If you want to test the knowledge of a real person then you can contact me here  and I will send you a price offer and you can find you dream career in Government jobs.
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