Everything that you need to know about a tungsten ring

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Within just a few years, tungsten rings for men have become a popular metal for wedding rings. They are affordable, stylish, and modern. Besides, they come with excellent wearability. All these factors have made it famous among men. But if you are new in this segment, then before buying a tungsten ring for you, there are some factors that you should know about. By understanding these factors, you will also get to know why you should always go for this ring. So, let’s get started with it.

Are the rings safe? 

The answer is. Different studies have proved that tungsten rings are neither unbreakable nor indestructible. The tungsten rings for men can be worn safely. The users can easily remove the rings in case of emergency by applying a little amount of pressure.

Where, when, and why use a tungsten wedding ring? 

There is no such specific event to use tungsten men wedding rings black. These amazing rings are perfect for different occasions. You can wear in engagement, wedding or other occasions. This brings a unique piece of fashion in your wardrobe. Be it a professional environment, party, outing, or other events, you can wear it anytime you want. So, go on and buy a perfect piece and show off your style.

Is the tungsten ring resizable? 

This is an important thing that everyone wants to know. After all, no one will like to buy a wedding or engagement ring that later should be exchanged. On the internet, you can easily find a lot of tips about how to choose a perfect ring. It may be noted that a perfect quality tungsten ring should have a perfect correlation between thickness and size.

As per the experts, a large tungsten ring with a size of 12 US must have a thickness of 2.3mm. If the ring size is 6 US, then the thickness should be 1.8 mm. You should always prefer to buy tungsten with a perfect size as these rings are not resizable. You can only exchange rings and buy a new one.

How to do tungsten rings engraving? 

Want to personalize your tungsten ring to make it look more unique? If yes, then it is possible. You engrave your tungsten wedding rings with a specific design or quote. For this, you have two choices. For this, jewelers generally use diamond engraving style. This is a durable, engraving method. Sometimes laser engraving can also be used. With such engraving, you can renew the design whenever you need it.

What are the popular colors of a tungsten ring?

The traditional color of tungsten rings for men is steel gray. Such a ring can look less or shinier depending on the reflection of light and its finishing work. When buying a tungsten ring, it is quite important to have a look at the colors of the rings as you want it to look beautiful. You can go for a gold or rose gold tungsten ring. Besides you can also buy tungsten men wedding rings black.

Are the rings for women or men? 

One of the best things about the tungsten rings is they are unisex. That means such rings can be used by both men and women. However, these rings are quite popular among men instead of women. The reason is such rings feel and look masculine. Besides, they are designed to reflect hardness.

Are the rigs toxic? 

Most people have this question. Some people think that it can cause skin issues after prolonged use. Well, it may be noted that tungsten rings are safe to use. However, all you need to make sure while buying the men wedding rings black; the ring is free of cobalt. Cobalt can develop skin irritation to those who have sensitive skin. 
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