5 Common Misconceptions about Realtors

Real estate agents or realtors are sometimes misinformed about their whereabouts to the clients. Realtors are specified for their sale estate prices and they can do anything to sell that. While assuming their own profits related to a sale, that is a very bad thing and often cruel to think about. Most realtors work hard to gain their respect and profits alongside sheer respect. Such rumors and misconceptions can ruin their job, even their only source of income they have. Thus, to get yourself clear on this topic, here are 5 common misconceptions about realtors that you should not give mind to.

High commission realtors are worst:

This is not true for an estate sale. Since real estate owners are the real price deciding persons. They set the price and its commission which is going to the realtor, at a spot. There is no negotiation after this. If you are ought to think that this commission goes from your own pocket along with the price of the estate, its sheer false information. Nothing like that actually happens. You can’t just bring down a price to limit the commission. After all, a realtor does the hard job of showing you the estate and explaining it to you.

Real estate agents lie on many things:

This is found to be often false, but exceptions might occur. Some realtors do this out of sheer change and other reasons, which do not give you the authority to change your opinion on others. To solve it rather you can clarify yourself on the website of the estate, its price and features, and then try matching then with the realtor. In such cases of negotiation, you are applicable to hold the thought, not before.

Realtors are just for commission:

Nope. No realtor is in the business of real estate for commission. There are a whole lot of jobs and works to do for that kind of profit. Realtors are rather in it for their own benefit to grasp some knowledge on marketing, some free knowledge for the sake of real estate which seems to be a very profitable business. They rather make the job of clients easy to find a good estate within a limited time, also the one that is desired by them. The commission they earn is part of their hard work and none of your business to think about.

Realtors are not that helpful:

This is the worst misconception. If realtors are not helpful, finding estates would have so hard, both for specific clients and real estate owners. Since owners will have to find out buyers for them, mind the commission being into his/her pocket. But buyers would have to do more of work, to find a proper estate to look for. In this sense, realtors do a good job on both of the sides. Making a connection between the two, in place of the good commission, he or she might receive from the seller. It’s not that bad, but very much helpful.

Realtors are frauds:

Some are they might be. But not all! Realtors are hired to do their best job in helping to sell out an estate. And if they are frauds, they wouldn’t be able to get into it at all. Aside, when looking for good realtors like Kris Thorkelson and others, make sure you check his online profile and do some calls from his reviewers. This will give you a good sight of how good and efficient he or she is. Kris Thorkelson Founder and owner of My Place Realty, a real estate company focused on helping renters find apartments in the Winnipeg area.
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