Top Reasons Why Foreign Students Choose Dublin as a Study Destination

Going to college is probably one of the biggest milestones in every student's academic life and journey. Though success is not always measured by the grandness of a person's educational background, most of us would love to spend our college years in a kind of university that we could be proud of.

If you are looking for the best place to get a degree, today's article gives you the utmost reasons to study abroad in Dublin.

Dublin is the bustling capital city of Ireland where you can find prestigious universities and amazing amenities for students to enjoy while studying in a foreign city. According to research news of The Irish Times, the number of international students travelling for third-level education in Ireland is significantly increasing. Here are some of the reasons why foreign students get their degree in Dublin, Ireland.

Distinguished Universities 

Ireland is consistently ranked as one of the best academic providers in Europe. Ever heard of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce? These iconic names are among a wide range of Nobel Prize Laureates in the country, two of which are alumni the city of Dublin boasts for. Dublin, as the largest and capital city of Ireland,  is home to excellent and prestigious universities including Trinity College, Dublin University, and University College of Dublin. Not only do they offer world-class learning but they also provide postcard-worthy and stunning campuses. 

Historic Capital City

By strolling around Dublin City, visitors can easily understand why Dublin was formerly called The City of Literature. From gothic castles, Georgian architecture, and ancient cathedrals to literary legends such as Oscar Wilde, George Barnard Shaw, and Samuel White, it is easy to see the city’s evident richness in culture and history. The city was also nominated as a UNESCO City of Literature for its own distinctive Gaelic language, making Dublin as the cultural city of Ireland.

Great Libraries

Students can instantly feel the genius vibe once they visit the city’s world-class libraries. Trinity College is among the universities that are offering the best library with intricate and impressive design and a comprehensive collection of documentation in the country.

Aside from the library of Trinity College, every bibliophilia should also visit the National Library of Ireland, located in Kildare Street of the city and housed in a grand Victorian building with an inspiring dome roof, providing a cosy place to study, fall into stories, or create your own. 

Serviced Apartments

Moving to Dublin for college is easy with plenty of high quality yet affordable types of accommodation to choose from. Depending on your preference, there are several serviced apartments situated around the city and are very accessible to any of your chosen university. You can easily compare prices online and get the most ideal results for your Dublin stay at once. 

Easy to Get Around

Studying in the beautiful city of Dublin gives every foreign student the opportunity to travel around and visit new places inside and even outside of the city’s premises. Being the capital and centre of all trades in Ireland, Dublin is extremely well connected to different places in the country. Students can travel to popular tourist destinations including Cork, Galway, and more by train or bus over the weekend.

Employment After College 

When foreign students enrol at any city in Ireland, they are privileged to stay for six months after graduation. The six-month privilege allows them to seek employment in the country. Once they have gotten a valid job offer and taken up employment, they would be qualified to apply for PR and settle in the country for good. This is a great option for students planning to immigrate to Ireland in the future. 

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