Tips for Selling Your Real Estate Property

Be a homeowner or an agent of real estate; the primary objective of sale is to get optimum profit for the shortest time with minimal aggravation. Some are a perfect sale, but some may need that extra focus to make an appropriate sale. It is important to understand that sellers and agents need to cooperate and do teamwork to get a good job done.

Below are listed some of the best tips for marketing and making a profitable home selling by Ali Riaz Malik:

A right Home price set up

A home ought to be appropriately priced, and this is the primary and a very crucial tip for marketing and home selling. If this is not right, the other steps could go to waste. The right agent and price are complementary to each other. A right agent can also price the home right and to current market standards.

Interview several realtors before selecting

Choose the right agent for selling your real estate, as this is very important for the entire sale process to go right. Be selective about them.

Realtor(s) and his website

In this digital era, a website for the selected realtor(s) is also a must. This will enable us to get some information about listings of the agent(s) and other links.

Real estate agent track record

It is important to get hold of some information about the real estate agent such as sale price to list price record, how many sales they have made and how successful they are, the time they needed to make the sale, and so on.


If one can get some reviews of people who made listings and sale with these agents, it would help you to zero on some good agents for selling your property.


The agent personality should also be good enough for us to work with him. His confidence and promptness should give us confidence in getting the job done.


Get a proper understanding of how the marketing shall be done offline and online and know how they did for their other clients. Check out their listing descriptions to understand their marketing style. The home photo should be unique and clear with exceptional photography. 

Video tour

Getting a video tour to market the home for selling has become important in the current marketing strategy. If needed, showcase slides of the home to give a clear view.

Social media

Making use of social media also impacted your marketing as today everyone has internet and smartphones at reach.


One can reach more people by blogging with bold descriptions, pictures, and videos.


Make an interesting brochure when making a sale with good marketing material. Make color brochures with good picture quality and sale descriptions.


Listed postcards and other forms of print marketing can be done to get a good deal on your real estate property sale.

Having a website for the property, organizing an open house, getting photos using a drone, and so on also can enhance your marketing. Following all the above advice can get you a good deal on the sale of your real estate. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the chief executive officer of the famous Bahria Town. 

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