Ten Countries with Good Education System

A nation’s progress and betterment depends largely on its youth, and to ensure that the youth are capable of guiding a nation to glory, a proper educational system must be in place. 

Below is a list of countries that have prioritized education wisely, and have come up with a superior-quality educational system:

South Korea :-

South Korea is a small nation but one that leads in education; incidentally, in recent years, the country’s educational infrastructure has undergone an incredible uplift. This nation encourages its youth to work diligently and children have to attend classes every day of the week in some schools. The government spends a whopping $11 billion yearly on its education system.

Netherlands :-

The Netherlands offers the kind of freedom and creative atmosphere that students crave for. This country upholds liberalism and their educational system is versatile and flexible. There is no rigidity in curriculum, and students can opt for any field of study they like. 

The education in his country is also largely free, but some institutions may charge mandatory fees. After completing their full-time schooling by sixteen years of age, students can choose to enroll for a part-time degree. 

Finland :-

Finland has perhaps one of the best frameworks where education is concerned. Unlike conventional mindset about learning, schools in Finland keep their students in classrooms for only a few hours. The children are made to take part in school-sponsored activities during the remaining time. Students, in most cases, need to appear for only a single examination when they turn sixteen.

Ireland :-

Ireland offers a unique educational system and it is totally free of cost. Every year, as much as 8.7 billion Euros are kept aside for education. This is also the reason why this nation boasts of an almost 100% literacy rate.

Hong Kong :-

Hong Kong may be witnessing student protests of late, but this country has an educational system inspired by the UK model. The literacy rate may be 94.6%, but incredible advancements in development of their industries in recent years are fully credited to their superior educational system.

Japan :-

Japan has always been ahead in the race for technology and technology is an offshoot of the educational system. So, the degree to which this country has successfully imbibed technology into education is unparalleled. Children here not only have access to the best educational resources, but also the opportunities to engage in sporting activities. 

Germany :-

Germany has been establishing a strong educational framework over the years. Attending kindergarten is not mandatory for the kids, and secondary education has been split into 5 systems, each with its own advantages. Students can choose any depending on their preferences.

UK :-

UK has always been a name to reckon with where education is concerned. It still remains home to the leading universities in the world and schooling is compulsory for kids between 5 and 16. UK is best known for higher studies and has some of the most reputed institutions globally.

Canada :-

Canada makes it to this list because it provides free education for primary and secondary level students. Students have to attend school when they are five; this is why Canadian students are found to excel in international student examinations.

Singapore :-

Singapore is a small country with a super educational history; its core strength is in its primary education. Children here move onto secondary schools after a strong base in primary schools, and further into pursuing professional careers with ease. Rote learning has never been encouraged by Singaporean schools and children are encouraged to solve problems independently. The focus is on conceptual learning, and this emphasis on deep learning makes Singapore one of the ten best countries known for their educational system.

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