Seven Hacks for Skyrocketing Your Custom Drinkware Sales

The year is 1987, Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze entered straight into the heart of audiences everywhere in Dirty Dancing. In addition to impressive choreography and eye-candy, the movie contributed one of pop culture’s beloved gems: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

Similarly, the promotional world has its own version of “Baby” – water bottles, tumblers, and mugs. The goal here is to shun away from the crowded cabinet. But as more people, fill, sip, and go about their destination, how do you gather impressions instead of dust? Start by focusing on the underlying promotional trends.

Below are the seven hacks to ensure that your drinkware promotions aren’t running on empty.

1. Looks sell

Functional additives and handles like mixers and filters can add flair into the classic design. “There is sufficient room in the marketplace for multifunction, top-tech models for custom drinkware. What was appealing to the eye a few years ago may not work in today’s market. Many people believe that by adding up a colored rubber grip, a carabiner, or a compartment to enhance the flavor of your beverage is the talk of the town in the drinkware world.

2. Add multi-colors

According to a survey, bright colors and pastels continue to dominate the custom drinkware market. Many businesses today demand for two-toned mugs and tumblers. Multi-tone tumblers, mugs, and water bottles containing rubber coasters sell like hotcakes and look elegantly stylish when being imprinted with a custom design or logo.

3. Take benefit from all types of printing options

Water bottles, tumblers, and mugs usually provide spacious imprint areas and can facilitate designs ranging from pictures to variable printing suggests a person in the business. The majority of the people are monitoring the dominant trend in full color, high-definition printing. With that being said, consumers are no longer constricted to single-color imprints, but can now quickly get their photographs and images printed on mugs, tumblers, and water bottles with extra options of variable printing and QR codes.

Along the lines, a few specific designs even authorize the organization's imprint logos and text in unusual areas like the handle. Another marketing survey suggests that businesses use tall and slim designs of drinkware for their promotional and branding efforts. This develops an exceptional presentation element and allows the option to wrap imprints and print it vertically.

4. Work around safety regulations

The best strategy to work with the safety regulations is to work around with the suppliers that are well informed in the rules and the laws behind the promotional products. Since a majority of the promotional companies deal with the customers frequently, most of them are quite skilled with the safety and product requirements connected with the products, its imprinting and ink methods.
FDA, consumer product safety, and tightening regulations continue to increase a large chunk of paperwork and the bureaucracy. Due to this fact, many promotional products manufacturing organizations continue to use triton-based materials and the deduction of polycarbonates and plastics which go to the BPA.

5. Gift it up

An ideal strategy to handout custom drinkware is to wrap it up like a gift. The most widely-used trend in the promotional drinkware industry is the process of giving it like gifts to the customers and prospects. Due to such striking fact, mugs and water bottles with gift boxes are becoming interestingly popular in the promotional products market.

6. Ask the right set of questions

Openly interacting with your clients’ works wonders for your organization is a practice that organizations should follow frequently. Many distributors take the order and don’t ask the right questions and worry if they ask, they’ll lose their order. 
Before handing out your promotional drinkware to the target audience, ask your customers the right set of questions. What is the budget? What is your organizational goal? When is the event? While these questions may seem straightforward, sometimes they are entirely ignored by the suppliers.

7. Give the right answers

On the flip side, distributors are well-versed to know about the products they are selling to their customers. There are a few questions that end-buyers may also ask. For that purpose, you should always be ready to answer to your customers. Some of the questions may be like: ‘What kind of quality can I expect from you?’ ‘Can you provide quality promotional drinkware under my budget?’ ‘Does your product comply with the regulated laws and standards?’ etc.

So these are the most effective hacks for increasing your drinkware sales. Use them wisely to skyrocket your sales.

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