Reasons for travel to Eastern Europe

In the nearly 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, countries that were previously unstable have strengthened the economic structure to join the European Union and open doors for tourists from all over the world. These countries that were previously considered out of reach for American tourists, now offer beautiful natural wonders, in addition to some of the best architecture in the world. The easily accessible countries of Germany, Austria and Italy include Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Forests cover approximately half of the country in Slovenia and are highly valued by its people. There is a wide variety of trails and roads available to the public that keep tourists coming back for more. The Julian Alps and the country's highest peak, Mount Triglav, remain popular destinations for tourists and residents looking to get out. Perhaps even more famous is the Postojna cave in Slovenia, the most popular tourist cave in Europe, which has attracted more than 30 million visitors. This massive cave and its branches make up more than 45 kilometers of mountain exploration. Ljubljana is a cultural city and has one of the oldest philharmonic academies in the world. More than 15,000 cultural events take place in Ljubljana every year, in addition to 16 international festivals.

Slovakia offers the Tatras Mountains, which offer numerous opportunities for hiking and skiing. You can also find almost 15,000 spa beds to relax. New caves are also being discovered, attracting many tourists in search of adventure. Slovakia is home to many castles, such as the ruins of Castle Devin and Castle Bojnice. There is also a lively music scene and many performances in the capital city of Bratislava.

Poland has many beautiful cities to visit, each full of modern aspects and traditional Polish cultural events. Cities like Wroclaw offer a beautiful mix of Gothic and Baroque buildings to make you wonder. Communication is generally not a big problem, since almost everyone speaks some kind of English, and young people want to practice as much as possible. Beer lovers will be happy, as the breweries are known as the best in the world. Cities like Krakow offer many historical landmarks, as well as beautiful museums and castles, waiting for you to discover them.

The Czech Republic is worth a visit as much as anywhere else in Europe. The city of Prague is home to some of the most beautiful architecture on the continent and was where Mozart performed many of his now famous works. Prague is also home to many museums, restaurants, shopping centers and historic places that make the city truly unique. Regions of the country like PlzeHsko, Bohemia and Moravia offer different cultural aspects and historical trips. The city of Pilzen is famous for the delicious Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell.

Hungary is a nation that exudes a rich culture, wherever it goes. Hungary offers beautiful architecture, a strong sense of pride and intelligent mathematicians, like Erno Rubik, creator of the Rubik's Cube and is known for paprika, goulash and masterful inventions. The thermal lake of Heviz is the largest of its kind in the world and attracts millions. In the spring, this mineral lake has such a high yield that it is discharged every two hours. The spa culture in general is very popular, as there are more than 1500 hot springs in the country.

Many people plan to visit these countries every year. A popular way to Jaipur darshan tour do this is to drive on vacation in neighboring countries like Germany, Austria or Italy. If you plan to rent a car in Europe to go to Eastern Europe, you must obtain permission from the car rental provider. Some providers may charge a fee for this, but as you can see, it will be worth it. Take your international driver's license to avoid local problems and learn the rules of the road to enjoy your vacation safely!

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