How to Use Best Spyware App for Android Cell Phone

The technologists have developed spy apps to remotely monitor and operate android mobile phones. Parents and employers are main beneficiaries of the android spyware apps. They can keep tabs on digital activities of their children and employees by tracking their smartphones. Read on to know how you can use spy app for android cell phones.

Best Android Tracker App

There are several mobile phone monitoring apps that claim to provide desired results to the end-user. However, the selection of a practicable app really matters. After reviewing the most popular android spyware apps, we have found out the best app for remote controlling android devices. TheOneSpy is found to provide more control to the end-user over targeted cell phone. It lets the user know what activities are being performed on and around the monitored device. It offers a wide range of features letting user to track and operate the targeted device without physical possession.

How to Use Monitoring App for Android

It is very simple to use monitoring solution for android smartphones. You need to subscribe to the android tracker before getting the app downloaded and installed on the targeted cell phone. The app can be subscribed for a specific time period from the official website of TheOneSpy. Read on to know how you can use different features of the app with ease.

Create Online Data Backup

You can use the monitoring app to create online backup of important stuff saved on your device. The app automatically syncs and uploads messages, contacts, photos, videos, emails and similar stuff to the online portal of TOS. There is no need to access device and to manually create data backup as the app do this automatically. The end-user can retrieve data anytime and from anywhere by logging into the web portal. 

Supervise Social Media

If you are tracking smartphone of someone else with the help of cell phone spy app, you can keep an eye on social media activities of the target. The app lets you know what your target posts on socializing platforms. Moreover, it provides access to messages exchanged via popular social and instant messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Line, IMO and Hangout. The spy app keeps uploading chats and posts of target to the web portal. The user does not need to send any command to supervise social media activities of the target.

Read Online & Offline Chats

The android spy app automatically accesses incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, emails and IMs to enable the end-user to read online and offline chats of the target. It also provides contact detail of communicators.

Listen to Calls

The phone calls received and made by your target can secretly be traced with the help of android app. It automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target. Also, it syncs call logs and contact information of callers and recipients.

Find GPS Location

You can find out the GPS location of your concerned person anytime and from anywhere. By logging into the web portal of TOS, you can see where the targeted device is situated at the moment. Also, you can see detail of all tours made by your target earlier. If you are tracking cell phones of your kids, you can stay informed of their entrance and exit from school, play areas and somewhere else. It helps to protect children from getting missed out and abducted.

Retrieve Media Files

The photos and videos saved on the targeted android handheld can be watched out right from the online control panel of the spyware. It also allows retrieving deleted media files. 

Manage Contacts

You can sneak into the Phonebook of your target and can make changes without having access to the device. By logging into the online portal of TOS, you can see all contacts saved on the targeted device and can delete if there is any unwanted contact. You can also make additions to the contact list right from the web portal.

Live Screen Recording

If you want to find out what your target is doing on his phone at the moment, you can send command for live screen recording or screenshots. The spy app secretly and instantly starts capturing phone screen to let you witness and record all digital activities of the target.

Keep an Eye on Surroundings

The surveillance app lets you see what is happening in the vicinity of the targeted android device. You can remotely operate camera and microphone of the smartphone to see and listen to the surrounding scenes and voices. 
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