How to Choose the Best Bikini for Your Body Type

Starting the year right by finding a new swimwear? You’ve just landed to the right page!

For most girls, a perfect swimsuit is found by love at first sight and we couldn’t agree more about that. With all these flashy swimsuit patterns including personalised rashies, sure we’re all guilty of paying attention to design more than the fit factor, which is absolutely a no-no when it comes to choosing the right swimwear. Rarely does wearing a garment require so much consideration but remember that on top of these requirements is the size, which significantly affects the way swimwear clads on your body. 

So, the first rule to finding the best swimsuit is to simply face the mirror and analyse the type of body you have. Just because you’re not blessed with that “perfect beach body like an hourglass” doesn’t mean you can’t have the level of beach and poolside confidence that every woman should possess. Assuming that most of the female population are having the same problem, we decided to end the stressful swimwear shopping this year by sharing this article. Whether you’re a pear-shape or an inverted trapezoid or whatever category they call it, we’ve got the best suit for you.

Behold, the ultimate guide for easier swimsuit shopping. 

For Pear Shape Women

A pear-shaped body is the most predominant body type among women, where thighs, hips, and backside area are wider than the upper body. While it’s easy to cover the weight that is mostly situated in your lower body with different fashion tricks, it becomes quite challenging when it comes to swimwear as it leaves much of your skin exposed. So, when choosing the right swimwear for the pear-shaped body type, make sure to: 
  • take advantage of swimsuit designs that draw attention to your upper body; 
  • play with visual contrast by choosing two-tone swimsuits with brightly-coloured or patterned tops and plain, darker bottoms; 
  • Avoid bottoms with a boy-leg cut as they can exaggerate your hips and thighs.        

For Inverted Pyramid Women
Women with inverted pyramid body type are viewed otherwise with broad shoulders and petite lower body. In order to balance an inverted pyramid body,
  • Choose bikinis with solid colours or patterns along the side and add volume to the bottom to conceal a boxy upper torso and help create an hour-glass image. 
  • Opt for halter or underwire top to support your chest. 
  • Avoid splurging on swimsuits with a revealing neckline if you’re a large-chested. You’re after the admiring glances and not the sinful leers from men. 

For Plus Size Women
The goal is not just to conceal every extra fat you have but also to bring out the best of your full figure by choosing the right swimsuit where you’re at most comfort. 
  • Wear bright colours on areas you want to emphasise and darker hues to those you want to reduce. 
  • Choose swimsuits with tummy-control fabric to achieve a flat-belly appearance. 
  • Avoid sticking to swimsuits with solid colours as much as possible. 

For Athletic Type Women

An athletic body is usually muscular and straight from shoulders to the bottom, creating a rectangular torso. With this body type, your goal is to find a suit that can help create a curvey appearance on your waist. Some points to remember on your next swimsuit shopping: 
  • Opt for two-piece bikinis to emphasize the curves in your waist and break the straight figure. 
  • Choosing one-piece with cut-out styles around the waist can be a great alternative. 
  • Add volume to your hips by wearing bottoms with ruffles, skirts, or belts.  
  • Avoid string bikinis with overly sexy styles if you are an athletic type and small-chested at the same time.

For Flat Booty Women

Flat booties aren’t always a bad thing as women can maximise the use of frills and ruched swimsuits to give them an illusion of bigger behind. 

Choose bright-coloured bottoms in full print patterns to distract others from noticing your behind.  
Try to show a little cheek to emphasise the full-coverage shape of your bottom.         


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