Contribute to Child Education in India With this NGO in Delhi

We are living in a world where many deprived children don’t even get access to proper food, healthcare, or education. They belong to a family where they have to earn bread and butter from their childhood. Lok Kalyan Samiti is a reputed Delhi based NGO that has been thinking and developing the life of these poor children since 1952.

The history of Lok Kalyan Samiti

It was just after five years of India’s partition. At that time, over lakhs of refugees started suffering and starving in Delhi. Then 12 social workers came to rescue and contributed 1 Rupee each and started this NGO to rescue these homeless refugees. They provided free medicines, health check-ups, and so on.

Slowly and gradually, they started attracting hundreds of social workers to join them. Many national leaders also joined this group. They started contributing to the welfare of society.

Sponsoring a child’s education was also a considerable measure taken by this NGO, Lok Kalyan Samiti. Let’s get to know more about this.

What happens if you contribute to the sponsor a child program?

If you donate an amount of minimum 50000 rupees, a child gets his education starting from nursery to class 10. Apart from that, a deprived child can get an annual health check-up and receive all the accessories related to education, including shoes, bottles, school bags, books, and so on.

This NGO also offers free tuition for these children. The schools are conducted in two shifts, one is in the morning, and the other one starts in the afternoon. The best part is you can track your contribution and get to know how your money is used to secure a child’s life.

Multiple co-curricular activities

In today’s world, if we want to survive respectfully, we have to participate in different co-curricular activities as well. That is why Lok Kalyan Samiti gives these activities a high priority. 

These extracurricular activities include participation in music, dance, drama, folk songs, street plays, painting, fancy dress competition, and a lot more. LKS always try to motivate a child by distributing prizes and awards to all the meritorious students every year.

Which children get these facilities?

In the year 1975, over two lakhs of deprived people were resettled in the area of Nand Nagri from different slums. At that time, Lok Kalyan Samiti decided to take care of these people by providing healthcare, education, and sanitation. This was the stepping stone of this sponsor a child program.

After that, the volunteers of LKS walked through different slums and waterlogged areas to rescue those children who are gamblers, drunkards, or drug addicts. Can you imagine the situation? Sometimes they even had to face horrifying experience but remained consistent. 

Now, these children are not only getting school education but also healthcare, food, and everything they need to face the challenges of life. Shri Romesh Bhandari, the previous LG of Delhi, was very much impressed by these services. So he allotted a plot to LKS to continue these activities.

So if you also want to participate and contribute to a child’s education, then visit the website of Lok Kalyan Samiti now.
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