7 Excellent Tips to Travel More While Working Full Time!

I want to travel but I have to work. Have you ever thought like that? If you did, you’ll be glad to know there are some great tips to travel more while working full time. A lot of people struggle with how to find time to travel since their jobs are so demanding. But you need not have to choose one over the other. Yes, you can actually do both. How? It’s quite simple really. The ‘travel full time job juggling’ need not wear you down. You just need to follow a few simple but effective tips to travel more while working full time. We’ve listed the best ones below for you to have a look at. Browse away!

How to go traveling when you have a job:

While most of us know how to find cheap flights, we struggle with how to be able to travel more. Yes, we cannot always take off for an impromptu vacay on last minute flights. But we can figure out how to travel more often. Look at some of the best tips to travel more while working full time listed below.

1. Consider weekend getaways

The purpose of a holiday is to relax, unwind, and feel rejuvenated before heading back to work. To do this, you need not travel halfway across the world and spend two weeks (or more) there. You can as well do it across town or state. This is one of the best tips to travel more while working full time. You won’t be missing work and you won’t have the hassle of jet lag that comes with strenuous long-haul air travel.

2. Make good use of your paid leaves

This is how to find time to travel. If you have a good amount of leaves in your hand, speak to your HR and consider taking them all at once for a long trip. Else, you can simply add a couple of days to your weekend trip. Also, another option is to take a day or two off prior to and/or after a major holiday. For instance, if you have a Bank Holiday on Thursday, take the Tuesday and Wednesday before it and the Saturday after it. This way, you will have a few days in hand to travel wherever you like.

3. Try ‘Bleisure’ travel

What’s that, you ask? It’s business plus leisure travel clubbed together. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Consider this: you’re flying somewhere for work on business class flights; you’re working on the airplane as well; the minute you land, you attend a couple of meetings and then you’re done- time to head back home. But is it? If you add a day to your work trip, you can spend some time exploring the area after your work is done. Do ensure your company is okay with this beforehand.

4. Look for direct flights

This is one of the best ever tips to travel more while working full time. We’re all aware of how time-saving direct flights can be. But did you also know that, in most cases, they can also be cheaper? If you’re flexible with destination choice, look for direct flights to somewhere nearby your location. Why nearby, you ask? Well, it doesn’t make sense to fly twenty hours somewhere for a two-day vacation, does it?

5. Save your leaves for a long trip

One of the best tips to travel more while working full time is to save up as many of your leaves as you can. This will come in especially handy if you want to take a long sabbatical. Let’s say, you’ve always wanted to backpack across Europe. To do this, take very few (or none) leaves prior to the trip. Save up as many days as you can and use them all for your big trip. This way, you can explore attractions at a leisurely pace.

6. Check your company’s leave and remote work policy

Before you sign the dotted line, ensure the company has a friendly enough leave-policy for you. Negotiate if you have to and most companies will be more than willing to meet you halfway. This is among the most helpful tips to travel more while working full time. Also, some companies will have a really great remote work policy. If that works out, you can go on extended holidays more frequently and work remotely at the same time.

7. Be really good at your job

This is one of the topmost tips to travel more while working full time. NEVER give a chance to your boss or colleagues to point any fingers at you. Always make sure your work is done on time - and done well at that. When you do take leave and go on a trip, no one will complain about your absence since your work is already done. Also, make sure to hand over your personal contact number so that you can be contacted in case of a work emergency.

Use all of these effective tips to travel more while working full time when you next plan a trip. Keep them in mind whether booking domestic or international flight tickets and travel hassle-free. This is how to go traveling when you have a job.

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