How to Proceed Brand Registry on Amazon in the UK?

Many times, as an Amazon seller, a lot of sellers may have experience issues of counterfeit and copy where your product is imitated or changed by any third party seller.

Therefore, the Brand Registry on Amazon offers you an important tool that helps the sellers to overcome and avoid these problems.

What is Brand Registry on Amazon?

To protect the seller’s registered trademark, in May 2017, Amazon launched its new and improved Amazon registry program. It also allows creating a trusted and accurate experience for all of the customers, which offers access to their property text, images, predictive automation, as well as reporting tools.

Nowadays, this Brand Registry provides a powerful fealties and programs by verifying brand owners who not only protect their intellectual property but also help them build their brand presence on and help them grow their store and business.

Why is it important to use the Amazon Brand Registry?

According to Brand Registry on Amazon, there are more than 130 thousand brands from all over the world registered in the brand registry, and they find and report almost 99% less suspect of infringements than before they have launched the Brand Registry.
Apart from that, the Brand Registry on Amazon also offer them other benefits; some of them are listed below:

Accurate and right brand representation:

The Brand Registry on Amazon provides you more control over their product pages on Amazon, which uses your brand name. It will allow customers to see the right and correct information which is associated with your brand.

Wonderful and powerful report and search tools:

Brand Registry also simplifies the process of figuring pit the potential cases of infringements with the help of custom features that are designed specifically for brands.

  • Global search: it allows you to search for the content in various Amazon stores all over the world on the same screen without navigating away.
  • Image Search: by using images, you can find product listings on Amazon that match your logo or logos and product or products.
  • ASIN Search in Bulk: you can search for a list of product URLs, and ASINs in bulk explore as well as report potentially infringing content quickly. It also allows you to enlarge images thumbnails for easy identification of any infringers.

Sort out and view the average customer rating of ASINs to check the popularity.

Brand protection:

The automated features of Amazon allow you to protect the information about any brand which will proactively remove any suspected inaccurate or infringing content. This will work better when you provide more information so that the Brand Registry can better protect your brands provide you a better experience at the same time.

Benefits of Brand building:

You can grow your business and build your brand on Amazon by benefiting from the advantages of the tools of Brand Registry and enhance your experience, content, sponsored brands, and stores as well as brand dashboard.

How to Brand Registry on Amazon in the UK?

If you want to enroll in Brand Registry on Amazon; you will need the following things:

  • An active and registered trademark for your brand, which will appear on your packaging and products.
  • Also the ability to verify that you are the rightful owner or the authorized agent of that trademark.
  • An Authentic Amazon account. You can either use an existing Amazon Account with credentials related to the seller/vendor central, or you can also create a new account for free.

In case you don’t have any one of the above, you can always get a resisted trademark in the UK.

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