How to connect Netgear extender with the Ethernet cable?

There are two basic way to configure any netgear wireless range extender to your existing or preferred wireless network. It is always said that range extender is a simple plug and play device. That is because all you need to do is plug in the range booster within the range of your regular router and wait for the power light to be steady green. Once you have the light on the power LED as steady green you need to push the WPS (wireless protected setup) on the router and once the WPS light on the router begins to flash, press the WPS button on the wireless range extender. The lights on the extender will begin to flash rapidly and in approximately 2 minutes the extender gets configured to your main wireless router. 

The other way of getting your range extender hooked up is my going in to the The setup link takes you to the mywifiext login setup, and then you need to follow the steps and the extender gets configured. 

Netgear extender with the Ethernet cable.png

Supposing if you are in a scenario where you are in now where to pull up wireless connection to follow the set up or configuration of your wireless range extender with the given steps in the manual that you receive with your wireless range at the time you have purchased the item. Well there’s a very simple and straight forward. For this you need to have laptop or desktop irrespective of the fact whether the laptop or the desktop is hooked up to the internet or not. 

Once you have had the operating device connected to your wireless range extender with the Ethernet cable you need to pull up any browser like google chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge etc. and type in the address bar on the very top after the connection is synced with the range extender default settings you will be prompt to create an account in the web page. 

After you have created the account ( user name, password, couple of security questions) you will be proceeded with the page that says new extender setup. Select the wireless range extender option and you will be headed with the configuration setup page for the wireless range extender. The mywifiext setup will scan or detect the nearby wireless connections. 

You can find your home or preferred network in name in the list of the scanned network with a good signal strength. Proceed with entering the wifi password after the preferred network is selected. It will take at most a minute for the connection to get established. Then you will be provided with extended network details which shows the new SSID name and password. 

You can click continue after you have connected any of your wireless device to the mentioned network name with the required password credentials. After you have successfully connected the extender network to your device you will have four steady green lights which ensures that the wireless range extender has been configured and  the setup is completed with the help of Ethernet connection. 
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