9 things to do so that you become better in Basketball

Before you start your journey in basketball and dream about becoming a LeBron or a Kobe or the great MJ., you should get to know the basics of starting out and getting good in this beautiful game. Here are the 9 things to do, so that you can be better than the others from the start.

Get a proper kit for yourself

Basketball is typically a sport in which you require very little gear. All you need is a ball and a hoop, but if you want to play the proper way, avoid injuries, and play freely, you do require a proper basketball uniform. First and foremost the Basketball Jersey. Basketball jerseys, as you already know, are usually without sleeves with a good fit. It is not too loose and not too tight and is made up of stretchable materials. 

This nature of the Basketball jersey enables you to use your arms while dribbling, shooting, guarding, etc. with ease without any hindrances. Next, come the Basketball Shorts. The basketball shorts like basketball jerseys are not too loose and not too tight and made of stretchable materials. They are pretty relaxed and are generally knee-length. 

They allow you to move, twist, turn, jump, dive, etc. with a lot of ease. Lastly, come the shoes. As the sport requires a lot of running and jumping, nice fitted ankle-high shoes are a must. These high-ankled shoes provide the support to you and enable you to get a good grip at all times. They also save your ankle from getting twisted and you from getting injured. 

Always do a proper warm-up 

It is advisable always to do some warm-up exercises and drills before you start to play. A proper warm-up minimizes the chance of injuries and gets your muscles ready and up to pace to perform well. A proper warm-up increases heart rate and your ability to perform as well. A proper warm-up is imperative, and you should always do a warm drill before playing a game.

Get in shape and keep yourself fit

Basketball is a sport that is quite physically challenging, so it's best to be in good physical condition to play properly. The better the physical condition of your body is, the greater your stamina will be. It'll also make you quicker in every aspect of the game. Staying in shape will also help you avoid a lot of injuries.

Practice makes perfect 

There is no substitute for practice. By working hard and practicing properly, you can improve the level of your game a great deal. Always try to practice and master the critical skills used in a basketball game such as passing, dribbling, shooting, etc. Practicing will surely make you better and will elevate the level of your game.

Practice dribbling with your weak hand

Make sure to practice dribbling with your weak hand until you can get rid of the awkward feeling when using the weaker side. Increasing your handling ability with your weaker hand will come in very handy when playing a match. By doing this, your range of passing and shooting will increase exponentially.

Practice your shooting and go for the spots outside your comfort zone 

To improve your shooting skills, practice taking shots every day, those too from spots that are outside your comfort zone. Keep your eye on the prize (basketball rim) and master your technique. Once you do this, you will surely be one of the good shooters in your team.

Practice jumping and train your legs 

Jumping might be one of the most important actions in the game. A good jump can make you from an average player to a great one. Jordan himself is one of the prime examples. He stood at 6'6 and had a lot of taller players competing against him, but his fantastic jump and air time made him better than all the others (The rest of the skills included, of course). 

For ballers, the ability to jump high is vital for dunking the ball, shooting, blocking shots, and collecting rebounds. You should develop your jump by practicing vertical jumps and training your legs by doing exercises like squats, box jumps, etc.

Try to master some skills and then elevate them and learn new

Having some good handles or a good shooting range are incredible skills to have in your arsenal if you're a basketball player. As a beginner, always try to master the basic skills first, like basic dribbles, crossover dribbles, layups, and regular close-range shooting. Master them, and when you've done so, always try to improve your game and add some more skills to your game. Start slow and keep practicing and perfect them before moving onto the next.

Watch and learn

Watching the pros is one of the best ways to improve your own game. Watching them play helps in enhancing an individual's game and learning new skills. You get to know the tactics, how plays are formed, how to handle pressure, etc. Watch NBA videos and matches and try to emulate them under your capacity.

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