5 Cornerstones of a School Franchise Model

Good education is the foundation for better life. There are people, who yearn to help lay this foundation. What better way than to invest in a venture and to start a school, which provides education to children and gives a means to earn livelihood. But then, starting a school franchise in India from scratch is a difficult task, though not an impossible one! For opening a school franchise business in India and to reach its peak, some cornerstones must be established.

Competitive Education Model

Education model should tell how your model will be a standard for top quality education in this competitive world. Some of the factors need to be considered for the competition like –
  • The syllabus the school (for example CBSE, ICSE).
  • Next comes the Demographics. Location of your school franchises plays very important role in appealing parents to send their kids to your school.
  • E-learning, one-on-one tuition are also considered.
  • Also having quality and consistency in the service is of utmost importance.

If you are new to the education sector then, a school consultant can help you with perfect strategies for the school franchise pitch.


Having the right infrastructure for school franchise India is important. Having talented staff to back your great curriculum is necessary. Training the faculty for all the soft and academic skills is ideal. Providing good labs, computers and technology backed teaching will be a great attraction.

Promoting and Marketing

Marketing your venture is a great way of ensuring success. But knowing your target audience is the essence. Promoting your franchise to the potential parents is a must. Having social media presence and marketing on that medium is important in today’s internet world. Creating good impression of the school franchise is essential. National marketing may not work in some of the local areas, so having area-wise tailored strategies will be a plus. Having a school consultant in India in your corner, who has the expertise to manage such area, gives you leverage in this business.

Brand Collaboration and Alliance

Having a well-known brand as a collaborator and an ally will fuel the publicity of your school franchise. Also such a backing will tell the prospective investors that the education provided will be top-notch. If the brand has national presence then you will have a national audience hooked to your franchise pitch. Also, finding like-minded allies will boost your efforts.

Evolving and Growing

All businesses need to keep evolving with the trends. It is vital for the education sector too to evolve and grow. School franchise in India has a lot of potential for growth, and far sighted and motivated entrepreneurs can build successful school franchise models. Revising syllabus, hiring right talent and involving tech-based teaching will help in growth.

To summarise, education is the foundation for a good future. And starting a school franchise needs support and assistance to create a clear blueprint for the best results. Enclosing all the 5 cornerstones, which make a great school franchise, Shri Educare is one of the best school consultants in India that can guide you on how to start a school franchise, which will be a successful venture.
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