Basic SEO Tips Any Content Writer Should Know

In my years as a content manager here at Bold, I’ve overseen the creation of hundreds of blogs, written by dozens of different writers. As I come from a journalistic background, it took me time to realize search engines need to be considered.
It’s always a matter of finding the right balance as the quality of the content comes first, but we want to consider best practices and not be oblivious to them. Just like in the publishing world there’s always a conflict between the editorial and commercial departments, in the marketing world there’s a conflict between the SEO managers and the content ones. I think at Bold we’ve learned to find a healthy balance and we play together well.
Getting your content optimized so that Google and the likes understand what it’s about and getting it in front of more eyeballs is critical. I’m writing this post to help content writers out there bear search engine considerations when writing content. Follow these and you should be fine.
So, what exactly can you do to lay a solid foundation when writing content?
Basic SEO starts with your link building – consider what other content on your website can be relevant to link to
Links are super important for a number of reasons. Out of those numerous reasons, the fact that links are one of the key ranking factors in Google’s search engine algorithms stands out. Mind you, this is despite the increasing complexity and evolution of search algorithms throughout the years.
The main aspect of links is link building which is not so basic but being a good sport that I am, I’ve linked to Moz’s comprehensive take on it. For now, all you need to know is that websites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings, which is something you can’t fully control.
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